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 Some of my recent translation jobs

 Two articles by Rabbi Y. Frankfurter for Mishpacha magazin, one with Rabbi Y. Krinsky the other with NY mayor, Michael Bloomberg.

Daniel Cohen: Rejuvination of Tel Aviv: Architectural Project.


More than a hundred mini-articles for Mendi Kaminker, Hebrew Chabad site.


Yosef I. Abramowitz, articles or www.peoplehood.com


“Article Library”: a running project, apx. 1,400 pp. translated so far of articles and chapters from books: please ask me for details by email.


Doron Avital, “The Standard Metre in Paris’ and its Implications on Wittgenstein’s Break with Traditional Concepts of Meaning” (private comission).


B. Lang, “ ‘Die Schuldfrage’ Sixty Years After” (introduction to K. Jaspers’ Die Schuldfrage, Yad Vashem Publications, Jerusalem: 2006).


W. Nordhouse, 2004.“The Story of a Bubble”, for the Economic Quarterly.


O. Blanchard, “Europe’s Economic Future”, for the Economic Quarterly, 2004.


Chapter 2 of robert d. hare pclr-2,  psychopathy checklist revised, second edition (or. ed. :1991),  (private comission).


Shabbat Electricity Project Proposal (for Toptrans translation services).


NACE international anti-corrosion standard (for grofit plastics), Furman, A. Y., M. Kharshan, Ch. J. Chandler, “Performance and Testing of Vapor Phase

Corrosion Inhibitors” (for Grofit plastics).


M. glaser, “Art and Ethics: Learning to Remember – But How?”, summary of an educational project.


K. Green, “Paradise” – synopsis of a film sript.


Two articles for the Jewish Magazine (in the Soviet union and in Argentina).


“Bisphenos a – Information Pack”, for “Chemipal”, plastic producers, Israel. 












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